Back-End Developer

Job Description

Back-end developers are essential to us, as our API is driving all our products' functionality.

You need to be keen with Linux/Unix and the Amazon AWS environment (or at least be willing to learn it), besides the classic AMP stack.

We already have a great infrastructure in place, but can't wait for your magic touch.

Requirements / Benefits

  • Basic skills: Apache, PHP, MySQL, RESTful APIs, Git
  • Optional (training): Amazon AWS S3, RDS, EC2
  • Benefit: attractive salary package, on-site training

Customer Support Representative

Job Description

If you really love giving people a hand, if you believe you're a true problem-solver and if you like technology, we believe this is the place for you.

TitleCapture's products are used by many companies in the US real-estate / settlement market. Being able to fluently speak to these clients is the key ingredient that will make you a rock-start support representative.

Requirements / Benefits

  • Basic skills: Very good english (speaking & writing)
  • Additional: Willingness to work US-East hours.
  • Benefit: attractive salary package, on-site training

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