Your logo, right on your real estate agents’ website

Be part of their daily workflow, via the widget.

Join 1000+ title companies

“The fact that the app is branded with our logo, colors and photos really made it look unique and solidified our brand to our customers who also say that “TitleSmart has it all.”

What is the NetSheet widget? is the best lead capturing tool for your real estate agents.

They sign up for free and get access to a website widget and their own landing page – designed to help them capture more leads – by allowing their visitors to generate their own Seller Net Sheets and Buyer Estimates.

Your logo, rates and fees, on every estimate

Real estate agents can link their accounts to your title company. When they do that, all estimates generated by them or their website visitors will feature your logo, closing costs and title premiums.

What do you have to do?

Schedule a demo and let our staff walk you through this awesome add-on to your branded title company platform. 

They will assist you in getting this going and letting all your real estate agents know about it.

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